Quality: 320Kbps – Location: USA

1. Intro   
2. Soul Shine (feat. Vic Spencer)   
3. God Given (feat. Vakill, Mc Juice, Astonish & Dj Scend)   
4. Queen Until (feat. psalm one)   
5. Mama Let That Boy Sing (feat. cambatta)   
6. Things We Couldn’t Mention (feat. Gavlyn & Dj Dub Plates)   
7. Gaillardia Soul   
8. Respect It (feat. Navarro & Dj Scend)   
9. Coloring Outside the Lines (feat. Visual, Mom & Dad)   
10. Biscuits (feat. M-Dot, Virtuoso, Anthony Grant & Dj Scend)   
11. To the Top (feat. Jamal Science)   
12. So Whatcha Want (feat. Grand Daddy I.U)   
13. More Than Life (feat. Tunnel Movement)   
14. Lost My Mind (feat. Johnny Gunnz)

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