Quality: 320Kbps – Location: Australia

1. Brooklyn Battles (feat. Nick Knowledge)   
2. The Anthem (feat. Sarah Grant)   
3. Versatile (feat. Termanology)   
4. Fair Warning (feat. Zero)   
5. Off the Richter (feat. Nick Knowledge & Mr Ruckman)   
6. Dope Penmanship (feat. Rakaa)   
7. Microphone (feat. Michelle Martinez)   
8. Power of Soul (feat. Sareem Poems)   
9. Fatter Than Most (feat. Rasco)   
10. Esoteric Arts (feat. Nikky A)   
11. Get to Know Ya (feat. Zero)   
12. Dope Penmanship 2 (feat. Rakaa)   
13. Real Hip Hop (feat. Sareem Poems)

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