Quality: 320Kbps – Location: USA

1. Roman Numeralz Intro (feat. DJ Blesd 1)
2. Remember the Name (featuring Blaze Rock, Mister Riot, Ciphurphace, Miss Rebecca & DJ Les735)
3. Very Afraid (feat. Blaze Rock, Floyd Write & DJ Blesd 1)
4. Its the Gladiators (feat. Blaze Rock, Floyd Write, Phal Kilmer, Mister Riot & DJ Psychopat)
5. Shotgun (feat. Mister Riot, Phal Kilmer, Hellamic & Marques Elliott)
6. Blind Man (feat. Puritan, Ohm, Simple Wizdom & DJ Blesd 1)
7. Gladiator Regime (feat. Mister Riot, Blaze Rock, Judgement, Floyd Write, Puritan, medafOracle, Ciphurphace & DJ J20)
8. Coming for You (feat. Blaze Rock, Mister Riot & Miss Rebecca)
9. Simply (feat. Blaze Rock & Talk-Sik)
10. Keep It Movin (feat. Talk-Sik, Floyd Write, Phal Kilmer & dj pervee)
11. Night Skies (feat. Mister Riot, Prophetiko, Phal Kilmer & DJ Psychopat)
12. With the Pen (feat. Blaze Rock, Mister Riot, Ohm, Simple Wizdom & DJ Blesd 1)
13. Answer the Bell (feat. Mister Riot, Ohm & DJ Blesd 1)
14. Face the Onslaught III (feat. Ciphurphace, Mister Riot, Blaze Rock, Judgement, DoneOne the Finisher, Floyd Write & Phal Kilmer)
15. The Watch (feat. Puritan, Mister Riot & Ciphurphace) [Gladiator Road Trilogy Song I]
16. March of the Monsters (feat. Blaze Rock & Ciphurphace) [Gladiator Road Trilogy Song II]
17. Are You Not Entertained? (feat. Simple Wizdom, Judgement, DoneOne the Finisher, Ciphurphace, Ohm, Puritan & Mister Riot)

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