Quality: 320Kbps – Location: USA

1.We Want War (Intro)
2.Singularity Season
3.Screaming to the Sky (feat. Nowaah the Flood)
4.Theory of Everything
5.Ask Alexa (feat. FastLife, BuBu the Prince)
6.Catch Some (feat. Planet Asia, Supreme Cerebral)
7.Looking for God (Interlude)
8.Double Slit Experiment (feat. Supreme Cerebral, O the Great)
9.Conscious Heathens (feat. Madhattan)
10.Neural Networks
11.Make the Sun Shine (feat. Skrewtape)
12.Drown in Data (Outro)
13.[Bonus] Lord Forgive Me (feat. Shokryme, Supreme Cerebral)

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