Quality: 320Kbps – Location: Canada

1. Cross The Border
2. Spit That Shit (feat. Matlock, Woodman & Meta-P)
3. In The Whip (feat. M-Dot & Kore)
4. Hypman (feat. Slik Jack & Don Streat)
5. Down On Earth (feat. Vic Monroe & Chief Reckah)
6. This Is How It’s Going Down (feat. IMP)
7. Felt (feat. Taiyamo Denku)
8. Let The Horns Blow (feat. Frank Nitt & Madhi)
9. Roll With Me (feat. Villiami)
10. Exile (feat. Wordsworth & Mayhem Of EMS)
11. Secret Mystery (feat. Swamp Thing & The SOULution)
12. Razors (feat. Mehdi Cee)
13. Brain Linen (feat. Sliq Vicious)
14. Pages Of Hystory (feat. Matlock, Revalation, Mic Logik, Proficient)

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