Quality: 320Kbps – Location: USA

1. Talking Asshole (Prod by jakprogresso)
2. Follow Me (Prod by jakprogresso)
3. Urges (Prod By jakprogresso)
4. James Joyce, White Cheddar, Donnie Menace – Respect My Immaturity ft White Cheddar & Donnie Menace (Prod By Starlawd)
5. Underground Rapper ft Dent One (Prod by jakprogresso)
6. Scumbaggery ft Dent One (Prod by TankWon)
7. Oxygen Thief (Prod by jakprogresso)
8. Its Not Right ft Donnie Menace & White Cheddar (Prod by Donnie Menace)
9. Hometown Heretic ft I.N.F (Prod by jakprogresso)
10. James Joyce, NiteBREED, White Cheddar, Omega Quez, Dent One, Donnie Menace – Insult to Injury ft NiteBREED{White Cheddar, Omega Quez, Dent One, Donnie Menace} (Prod by Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha)
11. Day in the Night (Prod by FULL-AIM)
12. Let Me Down (Prod by Sampo Ikonen)

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