Quality: 320Kbps – Location: USA

1. Deception   
2. Still Raw   
3. Live At Your Own Risk (feat. Yatzee Yates)   
4. Run em over in a Range Rover   
5. Made it Crack   
6. Stuck in my ways   
7. Spread (feat. Mars Co-op, Peedi Crakk, Malik B & Atare Godspeed)   
8. A Propain Dream (feat. The Propain Singers (Daisy &Dez))   
9. Kings (feat. Fly & NoName)   
10. Who Won Test (feat. Mars Co-op & Malik B)   
11. Brooklyn Keep On Taking It (feat. Cuzzo Sosay, Stuck B & Nap)   
12. Crackbabies   
13. Visions (feat. Sadat X)   
14. Man Of The House (feat. Al divino)   
15. Hardest Out (feat. Umi of RBG Family)   
16. Rich & Infamous (feat. Prodigy Of Mobb Deep)

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