Quality: 320Kbps – Location: Australia

1. Ching Rock, Shookz, Strike Won – Maintain Prod. By Pyrex
2. Mos Hated – Street Grime Prod. By Shookz
3. Strike Won, Shookz, Peeps – Shutter Island Prod. By Shookz
4. Aetcix – Head Fulla Zombie Prod. By Aetcix
5. Profits – Teeth Prod. By Shookz
6. Strate UP – Blood & Loyalty
7. How Many Deep x Reel Wolf *Suspect, Resin* (Canada) – Wolves Of Oz Prod. By Sentury Status
8. Big Sid, Shookz, Strike Won – Juliette Prod. By Shookz
9. Shookz – Bloodline Prod. By Shookz
10. Strike Won, Profits – Prison Planet Prod. By Skitzo
11. Mad Max – Waiting All Night Prod. By Shookz
12. Strike Won Ft. Pete Hird – Soldier Prod. By Shookz
13. Mad Max, Jahheim, Strike Won – Contagion Prod. By Skitzo
14. How Many Deep x Defynt Music Australia – Deeply Defynt Prod. By Shookz
15. Ching Rock, Shookz, Strike Won – Melbourne To Manhattan (Got That Fyah) Prod. By Pyrex
16. Shookz, Struhs – Life Prod. By Shookz
17. Strike Won, Mad Max – Revelations Prod. By Skitzo
18. Shookz, Ching Rock, Dirty Serb, Aetcix, Mos Hated, Profits, Strike Won – Moonshine Writers Prod. By Pyrex
19. Mos Hated – Spazmatic – Bonus* Prod. By Shookz
20. Strike Won Ft. Dirty Serb – Frontline – Bonus* Prod. By Sinks
21. Mos Hated, Shookz – Gutterslang – Bonus* Prod By Shookz
22. Strike Won – Break Ya Cipher Ft. Peter Hird – Bonus* Prod. By Shookz
23. Strike Won, Jahheim – Terroristix – Bonus* Prod. By Skitzo

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