Location: Chicago,USA

Reality I
Life Components – Featuring: Agallah The Don
One Dreary Night – Featuring: DreamTek
Heads Know – Featuring: SaveOne & Pride
Uninspired Minds
GODMANMACHINE – Featuring: Roy Hobes
Regardless Of The Outcome – Featuring: Matt Maddox & PozLyrix
Point Of No Return
Majesty Moves – Featuring: Kool G Rap
Preface – Featuring: DreamTek & Scenic Roots
Day Breakers – Featuring: Billie Dee Boodah
Nowhere Without You
Scxles Xnd Fexthers – Featuring: Scenic Roots
Concealed Suppliers – Featuring: Arken Nino & Orel One
Narcos – Featuring: DoomsDay
Ringside – Featuring: Taiyamo Denku
Third Eye Collision – Featuring: Ruste Juxx & DreamTek
Triad Of Death – Featuring: DC The Truth & Billie Dee Boodah
Inside Itself – Featuring: MoodSwangz & Nightwalker
Reality II
Raps In A Suit – Featuring: Pawz One & Slaine
Provoking Riots – Featuring: Venomous 2000 & Clever One

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