Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Germany

1. Intro
2. Enter the Army (feat. Killarmy)
3. I Go Hard (feat. Fellpeepz)
4. God Frequency (feat. Aslaam Mahdi)
5. Bronx Brooklyn Express (feat. Smoothe da hustler, Nine & Brisk Fingaz)
6. Dirty Samurai (feat. Knucklez)
7. Joell Ortiz Revision (feat. Taiyamo Denku)
8. Wack Rappers (feat. Caos)
9. Shotz at Them (feat. Harry Fuche)
10. No Sleep (feat. Cool from the Ave)
11. Fly Swordsman (feat. Rec Ali)
12. Movements (feat. Rock Mecca)
13. Lampin’ (feat. Kinetic9 & Cool Peepz)
14. Ill Curriculum (feat. Mic Bles)
15. Grown Man Rap (feat. Uncle Bungle)
16. Heroes for Hire (feat. Elementree & Dani-El Uriah)
17. Meine Welt (feat. Man Behind the Sun)
18. Hrs Generals (feat. Hidden & M-Acculate)
19. Illegal (feat. 308)
20. Master the Art (feat. Kinetic9)

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