Quality: 320Kbps –  Location: USA

1. West Coast Blue Print
2. 16 Barz Up
3. Fall Bacc
4. By Any Means Necessary ft. Shaka Amazulu The 7th & Kill’em K
5. I’m Still Here ft. Kill’Em K
6. Do Or Die
7. Be Free ft. Jeruz The Don
8. Like This ft. Young Harden
9. Swagga On
10. Lyfe Is A Story ft. Black Knights
11. Snake Charmerz ft. Prophet
12. The Wu Zoo ft. Zu-Ninjaz (5 Ft Hyper Sniper & Popa Chief)
13. Let’s Get It
14. Smile In Yo Face
15. Wake Up
16. Soaring Spearz

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