Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: CANADA

1. Allandale Gambit
2. Land of the Lost (feat. The Ghost of Mizery)
3. Turn It Up
4. Follow the Wind (feat. Fresco P)
5. What’s It Worth?
6. Snake Eyes
7. Raising the Culture, Pt. II (feat. The Ghost of Mizery)
8. Change the Channel
9. Irons Hot (feat. Saipher Soze, Daniel Son & Sleep Sinatra)
10. Heavens Raise (feat. The Ghost of Mizery & KDB)
11. Class Is in Seshun
12. Walking Through the Reign
13. Roll (feat. The Ghost of Mizery & Lay Low)
14. Travelling North
15. It Was Love (feat. The Ghost of Mizery & Theology 3)
16. Devils on Holiday
17. Chains (feat. Lay Low)

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