Location: SouthAfrica & Belarus

Intro (Prod. BorodaBeat)
Can’t Fuck With Me (Prod. BorodaBeat)
What Is Love? (Prod. BorodaBeat)
Broke As Shit (Prod. BorodaBeat)
Revenge feat. BorodaBeat (Prod. BorodaBeat)
Impossible feat. Entity (Prod. BorodaBeat)
Resurgence feat. Dead Right There (Prod. BorodaBeat)
Half Steppin’ feat. The Witness (Prod. BorodaBeat)
P-U-S-S-Y (Prod. BorodaBeat)
Before & After Mindset (Prod. BorodaBeat)
The Final Outcome feat. Kriss Anti-B (Prod. BorodaBeat)
Outro (Prod. BorodaBeat)

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