Location: Italy

JMega the god – Metal Armz (remix)
Demigodz (feat.Panchi) – DGZ x NYGz (remix)
Routiger Slob – Thread the Lead (remix)
Cedric Till (feat. Chel Strong) – On my own
Apathy – New England Royalty Pt.2 (remix)
Third Eye Merchants – Who Can Ya Trust? (remix)
The etherealist – Illest In The Game
Cedric Till – Truth be told
History of violence (feat. Oldboy, Rodney Rush) – Tiger Style (remix)
Sub-con5cience – Tombstone Jeopardy
Overkill Army – A casa mia
Sick rat (feat. Cedric Till) – Role models
Sick Rat – Dissapor e disappunt (prod. Nameless)

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