Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA
1. Intro – Open The Door
2. One Question
3. When It Rains (feat. Torae)
4. Jakin’ Our Slang (feat. DJ Ody Roc)
5. Streets Be Talkin’ Bout (feat. G Wiz and SR)
6. Another MC Dies Tonight
7. Listen Up (feat. OC and DJ JS-1)
8. On and On
9. Everybody Can’t Rap (feat. Steven King and DJ JS-1)
10. Put Yaself In My Place
11. This One Here
12. Hip Rock (feat. Keith Spitz and DJ JS-1)
13. W.O.P.S
14. Why You Gonna Do That (feat. Craig G & Sean Price & Large Proffessor)
15. How Bout The Mic (feat. Craig G)
16. Break It Down (feat. Bown Bag Allstars and DJ JS-1)
17. Don’t Look Back
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