Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA
1. City of Chicago
2. I Walk Alone (feat. Ali for the Go)
3. Funny Women (Interlude)
4. Spray Shit Up (feat. The Musalini)
5. Preach (Interlude)
6. Good (feat. Matlock)
7. Spiced Rum (feat. P.R.ISM & Machete)
8. Mumble Rappers (feat. Dre Cobbs)
9. Passing By (Interlude)
10. Green Light (feat. Braids)
11. Plan to Change (Interlude)
12. Fuse I See Ya (feat. Confucious)
13. Real Talk (feat. Mzm)
14. I Command You
15. I Believe He’s Coming (feat. DJ X-Sinna’)
16. R.I.P. Mic One
17. Acting Like Bitches
18. Will Fuck You Up (feat. Dirt Platoon)
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