Quality: 320Kbps Location: USA
1. The God DJ Intro
2. H.W.O. Interlude (feat. Antman)
3. Harlem World (feat. Big Bub)
4. Beat of the Day (Throw Ya Hands Up) (feat. B.B.O.)
5. Ahoy!! (feat. Knowledge The Pirate)
6. Heroine (Uncut Raw) (feat. China White)
7. Armageddon (Crime Side of Life) (feat. Tragedy Khadafi & Self)
8. Beef of the Day
9. Today (feat. G. Dep)
10. Make It Hot (feat. H.O.T. Ones)
11. Got Guns
12. The Book (History of Hiphop) (feat. DJ Red Alert)
13. Vacant Lot Bounce (feat. Vacant Lot All-Stars)
14. Snakes (feat. Skipp Wize)
15. Head Crack (feat. Smoothe Da Hustler)
16. Lift Ya Glass (feat. Tragedy Khadafi)
17. Monday Blues for Brooklyn Crews (feat. O.G.C.)
18. Pass the Mic (feat. Trigger Tha Gambler & Smoothe Da Hustler)
19. Outro
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