Quality: 320 Kbps  Location:  UK
1. Intro (feat. John Robinson)
2. Continuation (feat. J Live)
3. Across The Bridge (feat. Sadat X, El Da Sensei)
4. Trees For The Jungle (feat. The Black Opera, Sabira Jade)
5. Malt Liquor (feat. Guilty Simpson, Fat Ray)
6. Put It On Ya (feat. Soundsci, Mr. Thing)
7. Fighting Talk (feat. Lifford, Blaise B)
8. Flying Fist (feat. Prince Po)
9. Deep Breath (feat. Jamall Bufford)
10. Moose Python (feat. Dumbtron)
11. Coastin’ (feat. John Robinson)
12. Soothsayers (feat. The Black Opera)
13. System Animal (feat. Denmark Vessey)
14. The Life & Death of Phenomenal Don (feat. Quelle Chris)
15. Come a Long Way (feat. Masta Ace, Large Professor)
16. Forward March (feat. 7even Thirty)
17. That’s Facts (feat. Edo G, John Robinson, Prince Po, U George, Audessey, Oxygen, Reks, Yu, Denmark Vessey)
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