Location: Brooklyn, New York – USA

1. Intro (The Great Hunger Approaches) Prod by Thanos
2. Nah Im Talkin Bout Remix
3. Imagine Greatness Ft. Thanos (Prod by Fred Yaddaden)
4. Morefiend Ft. Thanos & Sincere Amakulate (Prod by Colonna)
5. Check Remix
6. Sword Fight Ft. Thanos (Prod by Freddy Cee)
7. The Heart Attack Track Ft. Thanos (Prod by Thanos)
8. The 2014 Year End Cypha Ft. Sunblaze & Thanos
9. Sunset Park At Night (Battle in the N-ZONE)
10. Peace Like That (Prod by Dray Yard)
11. Masters of the Universe Ft. Thanos (Prod by Thanos)
12. This is Why Ft. Thanos, Sincere Amakulate, Piff & Mark J’Den (Prod by Thanos)
13. Computers Remix
14. Mr.Clientel 2 «The Coke Song 2» Ft. Thanos (Prod by Thanos)
15. Rise From Your Grave Ft. Karniege & Thanos (Prod by Brother Hood 603)   
16. GP All-Stars Ft. Thanos, Sincere Amakulate, Piff, Louie Skaggs & Cardi (Prod by Thanos)
17. 6th Gem Ft. Rick Ross (Prod by Thanos)

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