320 Kbps
1. (feat. Ce Sektion,dj Sciez)
2. Mental Lies (feat. Dj Scienz)
3. Mobbin (feat. Knowledge Medina, Cier Kills, Konsept, mga Mike & Guilty Smiles)
4. Don’t Like Us (feat. Dj Scienz)
5. You Don’t Wanna Play (feat. Ce Sektion)
6. Plotting Interlude (feat. Dj Scienz)
7. Jump Jump (feat. Arsun Fist)
8. ME (feat. Supreme Da Almighty)
9. Welcome to the Jungle (feat. Sunny Darko)
10. Portrait (feat. Dj Sciez)
11. Take You Out (feat. Noyz Denali)
12. Dirty Water (feat. Clint Beastwood)
13. Take Me as I Am (feat. Konsept, Cier Kills & Ce Sektion)

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