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1. Behind the Scenes
2. Prophet of Rage
3. MC
4. Soul of a Rebel (feat. Quest)
5. If I Was a Rich Man (feat. Aert)
6. Days of Sodom
7. Forget About It (feat. SVC, Mastaplann)
8. Self Righteous (feat. ILL-J)
9. Gray (feat. Killastormz, Xienhow, Hotnixx, PHD, Black)
10. After Hours
11. Payback (feat. Hotnixx)
12. Break Bread (feat. Hasan Salaam, Verse One)
13. Paraiso (feat. Labo, Gods Will, Loonie)
14. Beautiful Woman
15. Criminal Conversation (feat. Nimbusnine)
16. Deathbed Confessions (feat. Abby Asistio)
17. You Don’t Know
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