Quality:  V.O. –   Location: London – UK

Props Rhainer

1. Soloman And D7   
2. Rise And Shine
3. Freedom Music (Feat. Edo G and DJ TMB)
4. Spring To Summer   
5. Why
6. Keep It Moving (Feat. Trademark Blud & Sheziah)
7. Love Of The Father (Feat. Jabba Tha Kut)
8. Hard Work Pays Off (Feat. DJ Amo)
9. I Have A Dream (Feat. Trademark Blud)
10. Glory (Feat. The Praying Mantis & Imperial)
11. Lay Down Your Guns
12. Things Will Be Alright (Feat. Holly Flo Lightly)
13. Words (Feat. Rich Quick)
14. Real Emcees (Feat. Tricksta & DJ TMB)
15. The Ethos (Feat. Wiggz, Alex-Is and Slard)
16. Strike Back
17. God Is Good (Feat. DJ TMB)
18. From The Heart 
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