Quality: 320 kbps  Location: Paris, France
1. Dante Inferno (Intro)   
2. All Alone feat. Masta Ace & Torae
3. Lyrikal Landslide feat. Ruste Juxx & Nutso   
4. What’s Done Is Done feat. Ide & Jise One   
5. Déjà Vu feat. Rasheed Chappell & Soul The American Dream   
6. The Mecca (Interlude)
7. I’m Here feat. Dontique & CF
8. Disobedience feat. Clever One
9. Call Of The Wild feat. Team Thoro (Absouljah, Spicco, Halfa Brick)
10. She’s Broke feat. Guilty Simpson
11. Believers (Interlude)
12. Ambition Of The Shallows feat. Napoleon Da Legend & Paloma Pradal
13. Just Listen feat. Wildelux
14. Longevity feat. G.O.D. Part.3, J-Merk & Jamil Honesty
15. King Magnetic, Dj Nix’on – Who Be The Realest ? feat. King Magnetic
16. Making Cuts feat. Dj Nix’on, Dj Topic, Ordoeuvre & Dj Duke
17. Hell’s Storm feat. Q-Unique, Hex One & Milez Grimez
18. Maniac feat. Xplicit Content (Unkn?wN, Fatha Death, Eternel, Apacalypze)
19. Damned (Interlude)
20. Other Shit feat. Dirt Platoon & Wyld Bunch
21. Projects feat. Spit Gemz & Eff Yoo
22. The Payback feat. EMS (M-Dot, Revalation, Mayhem)
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