Quality: 320 kbps Location:   Miami, Florida – USA
1. What I’m About (Instrumental)
2. Hearin’ Voices (Instrumental)
3. Ashy Elbows (Instrumental)
4. Bananas (Instrumental)
5. The Tonight Show (Instrumental)
6. Father Son Picnic (Instrumental)
7. Back on the Map (Instrumental)
8. Nature Boy (Abusin’ Animals) [Instrumental]
9. Get in My Van (Instrumental)
10. Barbeque Sauce (Instrumental)
11. 45 King Interlude (Instrumental)
12. Nothin’ but Trouble (Instrumental)
13. Wake Up (To Reality) [Instrumental]
14. The Majik Most Institute (Instrumental)
15. Dis-Abilities (Instrumental)
16. Cleaning Lady Love (Instrumental)
17. The Last Laugh (Instrumental)
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