Quality: 320 kbps Location:New York – USA
1. Welcome to Local-Mu12 (feat. The 17th, Rp, Stryfe & Julian Juellz)
2. Work (feat. The 17th, Fokis & Stryfe)
3. Unhappy (feat. The 17th, Fokis & Broadway Barrett)
4. Pay What You Owe (feat. Stryfe, Rp & Fokis)
5. Paul Pierce (feat. Tj, RP & Fokis)
6. Wealth (feat. Fokis, Big Pooh, Julian Juellz & Stryfe)
7. Hood Day (feat. Tj, Fokis, RP & Son Ray)
8. Lost (feat. Fokis, The 17th & Tj)
9. She Loves Me Not (feat. The 17th & Broadway Barrett)
10. Champion (feat. Stryfe, Skyzoo & Broadway Barrett)
11. Run (feat. The 17th, Tj, Rp & Fokis)
12. Chains On Me (feat. The 17th, Rp & Stryfe)
13. No Fear (feat. The 17th, Stryfe, Fokis & Torae)
14. The Union (feat. The 17th, Sadat X & Julian Juellz)
15. Great Lyrical Shape (feat. Rp, Stryfe & The 17th)
16. Cadillac Gangsta (Bonus Track) [feat. Tj, Son Ray, Rp & Glc]
17. I Like It (Bonus Track) [feat. Stryfe, Fokis, Rp & Son Ray]
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