Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Kansas-Tucky, USA
1. Down For The Fight (Instrumental)
2. Confidence (Instrumental)
3. Gab Message (Instrumental)
4. One Time For Your Mind (Instrumental)
5. Whoolio Iglesias (Instrumental)
6. Pablito’s Way (Instrumental)
7. I Crack Tall Ones (Instrumental)
8. Dat Ass (Instrumental)
9. Top Down (Instrumental)
10. Megalo Maniac (Instrumental)
11. Exploit The Average Man (Instrumental)
12. Professional Experts (Instrumental)
13. Bring It To The Front (Instrumental)
14. Top 3 M.C.’s On The Wake-Up Show (Instrumental)
15. Blah Blah (Instrumental)
16. Lullabye (Instrumental)
17.Sleeping Giant (Instrumental)
18. To All (Instrumental)
19. Thang Boutcha (Instrumental)
20. Who’s Holdin’ Ya Back (Instrumental)
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