Quality: 320 Kbps    Location:   United Kingdom – London
1. How We Do feat. Skinnyman, Supernovar, Genesis Elijah & Nasah
2. Way Of The Sword feat. Mastermold, Teej, Tsunami & Red Master
3. Make Some Noise feat. Wordsmith
4. BRC Jig feat. Demarvelest & Dr. Syntax
5. The Devil Made Us Do It  feat. Teej, Crucifix, Red Master & Wordsmith
6. BRC Affiliates
7. Pace
8. Headswinging  feat. Wordsmith & Teej
9. The Rattla feat. Wordsmith, Genesis Elijah, Dr. Syntax & Red Master
10. Chillin Skit  feat. Sabrina Roberts
11. Grand Deception  feat. Wordsmith & Sabrina Roberts
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