1. The Mortal Coil Produced By & Cuts By Fifth Seal   
2. Reinvent The Wheel Produced By Oskar Mike   
3. Props Produced By Illastr8ed Featuring Main Flow and Izm White Cuts By DJ Sync3re & DJ Durian   
4. Stop Clowning Around Produced By Vherbal   
5. Heavyweights Produced By Doc Aux   
6. Don’t Leave Me Produced By A June and J Beat Featuring R Mic Of The Neckbreakerz Cuts By DJ Sync3re & DJ Durian   
7. Astronaut Produced By Panik   
8. Look At Us Produced By The Grand Architect   
9. In Nomine Patri Produced By and Featuring L.O.C. *   
10. A Long Long Time Produced By and Featuring Epic Beats   
11. Marigoround Produced By Ircasim
12. Real Reason Produced By DJ Nightfloor Featuring Shana Hartfield   
13. Reject Produced By Frosty Fin   
14. On The Corner Produced By Classick Featuring Redd Rebel Cuts By DJ Sync3re 

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