1. HHA Intro
2. Best Producer On the Mic (feat. Diamond D, Oh No & Kev Brown)
3. Face It (feat. Sadat X & Wise Intelligent)
4. Jewel
5. Going Through Records (Interlude)
6. Salute
7. Just Rhymin’ With Fest (feat. Rhymefest)
8. That Very First Day (feat. Fat Jon)
9. Heeey (feat. Spirit)
10. Who Am I
11. Making a Beat (Interlude)
12. Sandsy (feat. J. Sands)
13. Ya Friends In the Way (feat. Senor Kaos)
14. Are You Listening? (feat. Bad Azz, Copywrite & Ed O.G.)
15. Jussy on the Mic (Interlude)
16. Why You Do
17. Find a New (Remix) [feat. Casual]
18. Da Beatbox (Interlude)
19. We’re On Top (#OhioTakeOver) [feat. Count Bass D, Trav Dave, Rashad, Lefortheuncool, Stalley, Tage, Copywrite, Donwill, Piakhan, Ilyas, Main Flo, Dominique Larue, Hood Apostle, Ill Poetic, Illogic, JaySwiffa & P Blackk]
20. The Beat’s Done (Interlude)
21. HHA Outro (Joshy Gets It)
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