1. Introduction to Hell
2. The Underworld (feat. La Coka Nostra, Tech N9ne, Army of the Pharaohs, Bizarre, Swifty MC Vay, Goondox, King Gordy & Sid Wilson)
3. Sick in the Mouth (Reprise) [feat. J Reno, Bizzy Bone & Virtuoso]
4. Fuck Love Twice (feat. Madchild, Trash Gordon & Kuniva)
5. Planning a Murder (feat. so Sick Social Club & Sid)
6. The Wrath (feat. Danny Diablo, Swifty MC Vay, Diabolic & Sean Strange)
7. Everyday (Reprise) [feat. Final Trigger, Swann & Psych Ward]
8. Ghosted (feat. William Cooper, Adlib, King Magnetic, Klee Magor, Odoub, Sicknature & Jah Youth)
9. More Flickering (feat. so Sick Social Club, Kung Fu Vampire, Hopsin & Dead Celebrity Status)
10. T.H.C. (feat. Methadist, Raw B Snatch, Peep Sho, Set2, Swann, Veeko Caine, Impakt, Citizen Kane, M Deezy, Anubis, Devilz Species & Trinz)
11. Us vs. Them (Reprise) [feat. Psych Ward, Bizarre & Insane Poetry]
12. Walk Away (feat. Ill Bill, Sabac Red, Celph Titled, so Sick Social Club & Ironic)
13. The Underworld (Cold North Remix) [feat. Klee Magor, Swann, Methadist, D Brown, Psych Ward, Seen B, J Reno, Veeko Caine, Suspect & Mr. Erbie]
14. The Underworld (Goon Musick Remix) [Bonus Track] (feat. Snowgoons)
15. The Underworld (Hell Trap Remix) [Bonus Track] (feat. Sentury Status)
16. The Underworld (Slime Remix) [Bonus Track] (feat. J Nyce)
17. Sick in the Mouth Remix (Deluxe Bonus) [feat. J Reno, Bizzy Bone & Virtuoso]
18. Exoskeletons Remix (Deluxe Bonus) [feat. Apathy, Psych Ward & Celph Titled]
19. Monster (Deluxe Bonus) [feat. Raw B Snatch, Sentury, Cream, Methadist, Swann & Impakt]
20. The Underworld (Instrumental) [feat. Sentury Status & Reel Wolf]
21. The Underworld (Acapella)
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