1. Sink or Swin
2. Nervous
3. Make a Mark
4. Breathe Deep (J. Rawls Remix)
5. Foundation
6. The Wack MC (Jon Doe Remix)
7. State of the Art (feat. Akrobatik, 7L & Esoteric) [Remix]
8. Cycles (Grooveman Spot Remix)
9. The Taker     Raw Produce
10. Fruit of Our Labor
11. Mr. Dope America
12. Make a Mark (Vinyl ReAnimators Remix)
13. Breathe Deep (Omid Remix)
14. Tried and True
15. Green Is the Color
16. Weight of the World (Lee Miles Remix)
17. The Feeling of Now (Thes One Remix)
18. Second Hand Smoke
19. Negative Darwinism (feat. Kofi)
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