1. Diabolical Sound (Instrumental)
2. Introvert (Instrumental)
3. Higher (Instrumental)s
4. Piss and Vinegar (Instrumental)
5. Suffolk’s Most Wanted (Instrumental)
6. Feel Ya Pain (Instrumental)
7. Norman Bates (Instrumental)
8. Living in My Own Head (Instrumental) [feat. Block MC Cloud]
9. My Attitude (Instrumental)
10. Victim’s Story (Instrumental)
11. Fightin Words (Instrumental)
12. Game Time (Instrumental)
13. A.M.E.R.I.C.A. (Truth Pt. 3) [Instrumental]
14, Here We Go (Instrumental)
15. Bad Dream (Instrumental)
16. Alien Manuscript (Instrumental)
17. Mission Statement (Instrumental)
18. A Day in the Life (Instrumental)
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