1. Intro
2. The Big Picture (feat. Tragedy Khadafi & Blacastan)
3. Fam 1st (feat. Sticman & William Cooper)
4. New World (feat. Roy Shivers & Natalie Fernandez)
5. Fuck the System (feat. Payday Monsantos, Beast 1333 & The Art)
6. Project Dreams (feat. Hell Razah)
7. What’s His Name (Tribute to KRS-One) (feat. Beast 1333 & KRS-One)
8. As the Night Goes On (feat. Tragedy Khadifi, Paranom & Dame Daye)
9. Top to Bottom (feat. Payday Monsantos & Natalie Fernandez)
10. The Matrix (feat. Cardiar & Kulture)
11. Real Life (feat. The Art)

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