1. Cutting​-​edge Contamination
2. Long Awaited, Much Anticipated
3. Longstrokes
4. Seventh Gear
5. The Guessing Game
6. Parts Unknown
7. Deep End (The Underestimation of Troubled Tim)
8. Independence
9. T​.​i​.​m​.​e, Pt​. ​1 (Tick Tock)
10. T​.​i​.​m​.​e, Pt. 2 (The Stick Flip)
11. Dynamic​!​!​!
12. Written Whiplash (The Headbopper)
13. Sporadic Measures Ft. Malik B. Of the Roots (Bonus Track) [feat. Malik B.]
Focus Still (Bonus Track)
15. Live and Direct (Bonus Track)

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