1. Forget About It (Remix)
2. Lady (Remix)
3. Alone (feat. Elias & Jordan Coleman) [Remix]
4. Can’t Understand (feat. Ruffian & Blueprint) [Remix]
5. Fire (feat. JustMe) [Remix]
6. Felony Offenders (feat. Krum, Deacon the Villain & Copywrite) [Remix]
7. The Burning (feat. Elias, Mouf Warren & Wonder Brown) [Remix]
8. Bleeding Heartland (feat. Ruffian & Elias) [Remix]
9. Where’s the Hope (feat. Craig G & D.V. Alias Khryst)
10. Longevity (feat. Ruffian & JustMe)
11. Discerning Lyrics (feat. Theory Hazit & Reflex the Architect)
12. First Man (feat. Brethren)
13. Plain Sight (feat. MP Ancient)
14. Something Change (feat. Casual, Wordsworth & Theory Hazit)

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