Selwin Bougard, now known as El-Divine Amir Bey, better known by his stage name 4th Disciple, is a hip hop producer and engineer who was one of the founding members of Killarmy and one of the best-known Wu-Tang-affiliated producers. He is the only of the Wu Elements to have worked on the Clan’s first breakthrough album, as a mixer
01-4th disciple-wit da evilz (feat.kapspille comitee)
02-4th disciple-devil in descize (feat.killah priest,shanghai the messenger and 62nd assassin)
03-4th disciple-foreign languages (feat.one man)
04-4th disciple-heavy burdenz (feat.one man)
05-4th disciple-just for you (feat.one man)
06-4th disciple-coming soon
07-4th disciple-operation project love
08-4th disciple-psalm 51
09-4th disciple-fuck u pt.ii (feat.shogun assasson)
10-4th disciple-shouldve known (this is hip hop)(feat.autnoyz)
11-4th disciple-artform (feat.autnoyz)
12-4th disciple-facts is facts (feat.autnoyz)
13-4th disciple-tongue fu (feat.cilvaringz)
14-4th disciple-energy (feat.cilvaringz and beretta 9)
15-4th disciple-lost_fallen (feat.dirty pilgrims and promizz)
16-4th disciple-grimey suspect (feat.raaddrr van)
17-4th disciple-self savior (feat.the orphange)
18-4th disciple-the mourning (feat.the orphange)
19-4th disciple-think about it l.o.r.d.(feat.dojo pros)
20-4th disciple-bloody choices (feat.sunz of man)
21-4th disciple-peace(feat.the orphange) 
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