1. The Hill Top (Intro)
2. State of Consciousness
3. Cornerstone
4. So Refined (feat. Phil G, Isis Rose & Lennon)
5. Know Your Role (feat. Sadat X & Grand Daddy I.U.)
6. Fragments
7. The Rap Game (feat. Masta Ace, Bobby Rockwell & Kenny Bogus)
8. Wild Cowboys
9. Undefeated (feat. General Steele, Vvs Verbal & Jewels)
10. Street Hustle
11. A Message from the Teacher (feat. KRS One)
12. Lux Life
13. The Berri Lounge (feat. A.G.)
14. They Want More (feat. K. Sparks)
15. Put Em Up High
16. Piano Heat
17. Heavenly
18. No Matter What They Do (Outro)
19. A Toast to You (Bonus)

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