01. Drama (ft. Maundz)
02. Detonate (ft. Fluent Form & Raven)
03. Victory (ft. Bigfoot, Jake Biz & Fluent Form)
04. Waiting (ft. Bias B & Fluent Form) <– Stand out track for me.
05. Insomnia Pt. 2 (ft. Fatty Phew & Luke Mac)
06. Kill The Beast (ft. Raven)
07. Not Going Out (ft. Fluent Form & Raven)
08. Interval
09. Are You With Me (ft. Ciecmate)
10. Frontline (ft. Fluent Form)
11. Sniper Soliloquies (ft. Kings Koneketed)
12. Still Hungry (ft. Aetcix)
13. Memories (ft. Fluent Form)

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