1. Intro (by Jamel)
2. The Return (pro Giallo Point)
3. High Speed (Catch Me If U Can)
4. Last Longer (pro Vic Grimes)
5. Niggas In Trouble (Remix)
6. Trump Chef Interlude
7. Mental Warfare (pro DJ Alik)
8. Juggernaut (feat Monica Dockery)
9. The Heist (pro Giallo Point)
10. BeatDef (feat inDJnous)
11. Thief (pro Giallo Point)
12. SouthSide 2 Cali Smokin (pro DJ Alik)
13. What They Say (pro DJ Alik)
14. Bars of Death (Bonus Track)
15. Thief Remix (feat Sadat X)
16. The Heist (KIC remix)
17. The Return RMX (feat Bronze Nazareth)

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