1. Cause & Effect (feat. Newsense)
2. I Need Change (feat. Brad Strut & Conor Farrell)
3. Once Again It’s on (feat. Tame One)
4. What It Look Like/focus (feat. Trials, Vents & DJ Ad Fu)
5. Trashem (feat. Kid Selzy)
6. Corporate Slang (feat. Kings Konnected)
7. The Burn (feat. Tornts)
8. Divided (feat. Diem)
9. The End of the World (feat. Termanology Gauge & Artisan)
10. True Story (feat. Mouf & Gutz)
11. Flesh & Bone (feat. Dekoda)
12. Move Alone (Illuminate)
13. Heaven’s Gate Cortezes (feat. Gargoyle)
14. Thoughts & Prayers (Hau)
15. Fly Him to God (feat. Little Vic)
16. After One Listen (feat. Flu)
17. Don’t Got Time for the Stress (feat. Mata & Must)

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