1. The Definition (Instrumental)
2. Coming on Too Strong (Instrumental)
3. Strumming Strings (Instrumental)
4. Shadow Boxing (Instrumental)
5. Foreign Travels (Instrumental)
6. Sex (Ghetto Style) [Instrumental]
7. I’m Tellin’ U Original (Instrumental)
8. In Boom Bap We Trust (Instrumental)
9. Bottom Line (Instrumental)
10. Mystic Keys (Instrumental)
11. The Final Chapter (Instrumental)
12. You Don’t Want It (Instrumental)
13. The Federation (Instrumental)
14. The Sexologist (Instrumental)
15. The Pressure (Instrumental)
16. Every Rhyme I Write (Instrumental)
17. Theme Song (Instrumental)
18. Let ‘Em Know (Instrumental)

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