01. Intro 
02. Intervention
03. Wizards Ransom 2 (The Final Battle)
04. I Aint Bitter 
 05. My Girlfriends Boyfriend
06. We Dont Expect ft Bro Robert
07. Even When Its Bad ft Mayadia & Kidd The Great
08. Without Love ft Billy Cook & Rapper K
09. Whats Your Purpose
10. I Gotta Go
11. The Man Who Lived Forever12. Firing Squad Featuring – Amin Miller,B-1,Chucky The Killer,DBX,Dat Gurl Netta,Greg L The Great,Hoodizm,Klondike Kat,Kyu-Boi,Mr. Cap,Murder One,PSK-13,Point Blank,Poosty Lee,Prez-D, Rapper K,Rhyme Felon,Sniper,The Real J. Walker
 13. Outro

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