1. Tangled in the Web (Intro)
2. A Bridge on Fire
3. Dance on Your Grave
4. Book of Death (feat. Sean Strange & Mr. Freeze)
5. Unidentified
6. Shadow Doll
7. Forsaken Gods (feat. Xplizt)
8. Cult Classic
9. Known as Also Skit
10. Gourd of Ashes
11. Ghost Calling (feat. Zak G.)
12. Unbreakable (feat. MC Johnny Wae & Esoteric)
13. Too Far
14. Lift the Fallen (feat. noel levvis)
15. General Kael (Mad Martigan Mix) [feat. Mr. Freeze]
16. Bodied Skit (feat. Grandma Jennie)
17. Hunting for Witches (feat. Pruven & Vast Aire)
18. Sketch Pad (feat. Kid Jeff & Nada-Lez)
19. A Live No More
20. The Last of the Roaches
21. Not Even the King

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