1. First Injection
2. Walk With the Beast (feat. Qualm)
3. Consumed (feat. Planet X)
4. Ego (feat. Little Vic)
5. Devil In Chains (feat. Psych Wards)
6. Feed Me (feat. 2 Ugly, Mr Shadow)
7. 2012 (feat. Planet X)
8. Body Harvest (feat. Archnme, Ill Bill)
9. Game Over (feat. Planet X)
10. Retour à l’âge de pierre
11. 9mm (feat. Planet Asia) [Remix]
12. Crass Test
13. Regard perçant (feat. Swift Guad, Seth Gueko, Al K Pote, Aketo)
14. Old Soul (feat. Savage Brothers)
15. Bubbles for Jess
16. Planetary Takeover (feat. Lord Lhus, Savage Brothers, Planet X)
17. On ne sait rien (feat. Mysa) [Remix]
18. Massacre de l’industrie
19. Free from the Straighjack (feat. Plague Plenty)
20. Science of Dreams (feat. Ide)
21. Dead End

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