A1. K To The Def (Introduction)
A2. A Threat To Society
A3. Creeping Out
A4. A Message From Biz
A5. Almost There
A6. Lean Wit’ Me
A7. My Funky Soul Experience
A8. Driving Around With Da Funk
A9. Syncopated Funk
A10. Sounds Like … But It’s Not
B1. The Day Before The Storm
B2. Shakin’ Off The Haters
B3. Getting Into Funk
B4. On Something (Skit)
B5. Untouchable Funk Lesson
B6. A Testament To The Craft (Interlude)
B7. Trouble In The Garden State
B8. A Message From Jim & Larry O
B9. Speakers Were Up Loud
B10. Reminiscent Of The Golden Era
B11. Gotta Get Away Featuring – AG, Damu The Fudgemunk
B12. Outro

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