1. Thirty Pieces of Silver Intro
2. A Demonstration of Power
3. Azlin (feat. Eidolon)
4. Fall Back
5. U & I
6. Fire Bath Terms (feat. Rypa the Transparent Exorcist)
7. Date With Destiny (feat. Meta Musick)
8. Chopsticks (Feat. Meta Musick)
9. Efficiency (feat. Anonymous)
10. Moodswings
11. The in-Between (feat. 5:am, Ill & Raiza Aapz)
12. Near Sighted Star Gazers
13. Demonology
14. Pericolo Nella Notte (The Anti Club Movement) [feat. Blacastan]
15. Plague to Humanity
16. Slime City Assassins (feat. Shyz T. Villun)
17. Of Nazareth
18. Saucers in the Sky
19. The Message Outro

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