1. Confession Intro
2. On With the Action
3. Chaos
4. Stay Schemin’
5. War Zone (feat. Jus Allah)
6. Cock Tract (Skit)
7. Pimp Slap (feat. Ill)
8. A Constant Thing (feat. Anthropophagus)
9. Snuff Flick
10. Misery Will Howl (feat. Canibus)
11.Assassination of the Lonely Man (feat. Sotorios)
12. Girl On Death Row
13. Illuminata Wants My Mind,Soul and My Bodda (Skit)
14. Dangerous (feat. Apathy)
15. Completely Disrespectful
16. No Question (feat. Kryptik)
17. Told You (feat. Diabolic)
18. Jesus’ Breakfast
19. Hot Town
20. Hit the Deck

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