1. Intro (Real Recognise Real)

2. Fire Is Coming
3. Esoteric
4. Kosher Tangie (feat. Iron Barz)
5. Get Back
6. Outlaw
7. Ready to Die
8. I’m Just Being Me (feat. Benny Banks)
9. Revolution Ting (feat. Lowkey & Akala)
10. Wake up (feat. Cormega)
11. No Test (feat. Scorzayzee & Smiler)
12. My Life (feat. Dot Rotten)
13. Cradle to the Grave (feat. Prince Paslow)
14. Chasing Papers (feat. Jaja Soze)
15. I Don’t Feel Nothing (feat. Tayong)
16. Ride or Die (feat. Skinny Stef)
17. Can I Kick It? (feat. Sharlene Klarice)
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