1. Playing God (Intro)
2. Monster On the Rise
3. Lose Your Mind
4. The Medical World
5. Humble Haters (feat. Edo. G)
6. Awkward Moment
7. Black Angel (feat. Saucy Lady)
8. King James (feat. DJ Revolution)
9. Monolith (feat. Nabo Rawk)
10. Zigarillo
11. Plastic Thrones
12. No Requests (feat. Paul Foley)
13. Cheap Date (feat. Paul Foley)
14. Gettin’ Mines (In ’89) [feat. DJ Tommee]
15. Words from the General (feat. General Stoor)
16. Renegades (feat. Riacha La Pasta & Eric Jalbert)
17. Kiss of Death
18. Skeleton Key
19. The Shape of Time
20. Junk Man
21. Mister Jason Has a Posse

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