1. Intro – Frequencies
2. Fantastic Damage (featuring Lyrikill, MR. SKURGE, Mmilk)
3. The Guest List (featuring SavSola)
4. In the Drive-In (featuring DVS)
5. Breathless (featuring staHHr)
6. #AvengingWind
7. NightLights (featuring Infinito 2017 & MR. SKURGE)
8. The Long Game (featuring Blueprint)
9. City of Mine (featuring DVS and Donwill)
10. Live From Everywhere [Remix] (featuring Von Pea)
11. Like Me [Remix] (featuring Rapper Big Pooh and Tonya Dyson)
12. Veteran’s Day (featuring Jason Da Hater and Eddie Meeks)
13. Solitude (featuring Oso Negro) 

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